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Everything we think we know about addiction is wrong

This 6 minute YouTube video explains why the war on drugs in ineffective and why we need to take a more holistic and approach to the treatment of addiction.

NOTE: I am working on this page and will be adding more material frequently.  Please check back again soon.

Anxiety BC

A link to a host of short videos to help youth understand anxiety in its many forms (test anxiety, social anxiety, separation anxiety, etc...) and overcome it.  

Mark Gungor - The Tale of Two Brains

In this funny yet true 13 minute YouTube video Mark Gungor demonstrates the general differences between the way men and women think, behave, and express themselves.  Well worth watching and I recommend you watch it with your partner.


Brene' Brown - The Power of Vulnerability

In this 20 minute Ted Talk, Brene' employs humour and research to explain what vulnerability is and why it is important.  This video is a must see for those who are having difficulty in their relationships and quality of life.