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Do You Have Low Self Esteem?

If you are reading this you are probably already aware that maybe you struggle with a low self esteem.  Low self esteem is a fairly common condition of our culture.  From an early age we are taught modesty and generosity.  We are told not to brag and we are reprimanded when we ask for things without first being offered.  We are praised and adored for giving to others, but we are not taught that it is okay to ask for help.  We are revered when we do something well but we are often scolded when we make a mistake.

Read the following statements.  If you agree with more than just a few of these, chances are your self esteem has been significantly injured or eroded by life.  Counselling can help.  I am passionate about helping people and I see the devastating impact of low self esteem every day in my work.  Group therapy is an effective and affordable way to get help.  This is why I  have developed B.A.S.E. (Boundaries, Assertiveness and Self-Esteem.  This 10 week group explores the roots of low self-esteem and take a Cognitive Behavioural approach to change. If you would like to join click here to register.  There's no need to continue to struggle with a low self esteem.

  • I find it difficult to hear criticisms about myself.
  • I tend to magnify my mistakes and minimize my successes
  • I am often critical of myself and others.
  • I have periods where I feel inadequate or depressed.
  • I often have self doubts.
  • I avoid making decisions because I’m afraid of making a mistake.
  • I usually get defensive and strike back when I feel criticized.
  • When someone mistreats me I tend to believe I must have done something to deserve it.
  • I have difficulty knowing who and when to trust.
  • I frequently procrastinate.
  • I often fear that I don’t know the right thing to say.
  • I frequently doubt my skills or qualifications.
  • I often put myself down.
  • I am not comfortable accepting compliments.
  • I have difficulty looking someone in the eye.
  • I frequently second guess myself.
  • I am not comfortable with my body or appearance.
  • I’ve been told I’m too sensitive.
  • I felt inferior or inadequate as a child.
  • I am easily discouraged.
  • I often compare myself to others.
  • I let people take advantage of me and have difficulty saying no.

What is Self Esteem?

Self esteem is our own sense of ourself.  When we have a healthy self esteem we are able to recognize our short comings and know that even though we are not perfect we are still perfectly worthwhile.  We are able to accept our imperfections or challenges and appreciate that there are other qualities within ourselves that make us valuable and great.  We are able to laugh at our selves and feel good about the strengths that come from being who we are.

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