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Teresa Palylyk MACP, RCC

I have heard that most people have three careers in their lives.  I don't know if that is true or not, but it has been true for me.  

I spent 10 years in the profession of architectural design.  While I was "successful" (professionally and monetarily) in this career, it was a career that came to me by chance rather than choice.  

After having my third child, I chose to put that profession on hold to dedicate my time to the career of parenting.  I was fortunate to have the opportunity to be a full-time mother as I believe time with our children is the most worthwhile investment we can make.  

During that time I had the opportunity to spend a large amount of time volunteering in the community and noticed my leaning toward helping others, so I chose to pursue a third career in counselling.  For me, the greatest thing about this profession is that I absolutely LOVE what I do and my passion for this profession adds to my success.  

Alas, time has a way of marching on.  I have been helping others work through their struggles for more than 20 years now.  People have often told me that they feel comfortable to share anything with me.  I am true to my very strong ethical and moral values and am driven by my believe that behaviour is adaptive.  

One of my greatest frustrations in this profession is the negative stigma associated with counselling and I am very happy to see this changing.  Counselling and psychotherapy is becoming more understood and accepted.  We all have struggles at various times in our lives.  It is a shame to suffer through those times without professional support.  

Theory and Practice

I employ many approaches to counselling as each individual has their own unique needs, experiences, personality, strengths, and challenges.  My work is primarily influenced by cognitive behaviour therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, emotionally focused therapy, and attachment theory.  I also incorporate concepts such as vulnerability and self-agency.  If any of this is Greek to you, please call me to ask questions.


I work with individuals, couples, families and groups serving clients age 12 +/- to adult/senior.  


  • Parenting 

  • Substance use and substance affected

  • Mental health - anxiety, depression, personality disorders

  • Marriage counselling

  • Divorce

  • Physical/sexual/emotional abuse, domestic violence

  • Self esteem

  • Life transitions/identity issues - aging, moving, loss, injury, pre-teen/teen, gender 

  • PTSD, Trauma

  • Employment

  • Interpersonal relationships

  • Mental health disorders

Me and my granddaughter.  I am a very proud grandmother.