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About Me

Professional counsellor in Chilliwack and Langley

Mother, grand-mother, step-parent/grand-parent, sister & wife

Love the outdoors and helping others 

Active community volunteer

Value honesty, integrity, and laughter

Kind, loving, thoughtful, compassionate and caring

Live true to my principals and values

Believe that we receive through giving

"Teresa, you are such a great counsellor.  It is so great to be heard and feel understood.  I have so much more clarity since we spoke.  Thank you."

S.B. Chilliwack


Words cannot describe how grateful I am to you. You have been so supportive and inspiring. Thank you for all the words of kindness and the tools for me to go on from here.  You are one hell of a counsellor!”

M.C., Langley


Thank you so much for listening and supporting me.  Also for this group.  It has taught me so much.  Finally, being heard.  I will surely miss you and this group and your calming voice.

S.R., Langley


Whomever is lucky enough to have you for their counsellor is truly fortunate.

P.G., Langley

Life is often difficult, stressful, and very serious, and people don't come to me when they are happy, laughing and feeling good.  However, it is my goal that you will achieve that by the time you leave me.  I like to include laughter and inspiration in my work because there is some truth to the saying that laughter is the best medicine. If you could use a little more joy or hope in your life (click here).


Inspirations and laughter

Teresa palylykmacp, rcc

Counselling therapy in Ocean Park, Surrey